About Us

The research platform GADS aims to build a centre of excellence in the study of Africa and its relations with the rest of the world, particularly focusing on how diaspora African communities impact their host countries and the socio-cultural development of their countries of origin in Africa. 

With this main aim in mind, the platform has the following goals to achieve:

i.    Engage in cutting-edge interdisciplinary humanities and social science theoretical research covering study areas such as linguistics, sinology, history, and literature, all related to global, African, and diaspora studies.

ii.   Use multiple research methods, including empirical approaches such as fieldwork, in the various African diaspora communities to build on current theories and develop new ones in the various fields covered by GADS (Global, African, and Diaspora studies).

iii.   In achieving the first two goals we pledge to produce research output in the form of articles and books in well-established and high-impact journals and publishing houses relating to our various fields.

iv.   We also pledge to train young scholars in the fields of research covered by our research platform by engaging research students, student assistants, and young postdoctoral academics in our research platform.

v.    Our fifth goal, as a centre of excellence, is to serve as a consultancy centre advising, lobbying, and making presentations to governments, companies, and the general public on matters concerning Africa and its diaspora communities in a globalized world.